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Conservatories devalue property


A recent feature in the property section of the Daily Telegraph reported that the popularity of conservatories attached to properties had dramatically waned and the presence of one when a place was being sold is now a ‘put off’ with value detrimentally affected.

This may be the case in up market London suburbs such as Kensington and Richmond where they now prefer similar extensions to be classified as ‘pavilions’, ‘gazebos’ even ‘orangeries’ but in down to earth Taunton we can reliably report that a conservatory can be considered a real attraction and a definite value add on.

We’re always pleased to extol their virtues and buyers in this humble neck of the woods are invariably impressed when they see one on the prospectus.

Can you imagine offering a townhouse in places like Blackbrook or Galmington for sale with an Orangerie’? Ha!

By Chris Willey

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