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Home Improvements

Boost EPC ratings

Homeowners intending to make certain improvements to their property are being motivated by the benefit of boosting their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings.

The Mortgage Advice Bureau has found that 17% of homeowners would like to make home improvements to raise the EPC rating on their property. 26% would like to make home improvements to make their home more energy efficient. With the Government’s ambitious Net Zero targets in place, which involves decarbonising homes, many people are becoming more conscious of their energy efficiency ratings.

When thinking about their property and home improvements they wish to make,18% said they will prioritise improvements to make their home more energy efficient. Some 8% said they will prioritise specific improvements because they’re worried about their EPC rating.

Not all home improvements are motivated by energy efficiency 21% of those that intend to make improvements wish to do so to increase the value of their property, 23% said it was to cut household bills, while 13% said it would be to increase the saleability of their property. 44% said that they would like to make improvements to create a better living environment.

In carrying out our free appraisals, Wilsons will offer experienced advice on the value and importance of home improvements, What to do and what not to do – that is the question!

By Chris Willey

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