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With much adverse publicity over the years with references to those in the business of selling houses as being ‘cowboys’ and rip-off merchants’, it’s surprising, especially when advertising a position, just how many people relish the thought of working in estate agency.

On entering the business, way back in 1986, I resolved to back off immediately if I found myself expected to become party to any shady tactics but was quickly reassured by finding myself working for an honest as the day is long firm with a totally honest and straight talking modus operandi in all their dealings.

I can therefore reassure anyone considering a role in estate agency that it really is a fascinating, interesting, fulfilling and often fun occupation to take up. You can be in the office one minute, out in the sticks the next, selling a two up two down starter home one day then listing a million pound manor house 24 hours later. Although property is the commodity, people are the priority – their personalities and plans are incredibly diverse. You can guarantee no two days can ever be the same. 

I’m fortunate to have been mentored by some of the best estate agents in the business. The mantra of one when I had just started out hold good to this day – He told me ‘You can have all the qualifications in the world and get nowhere, follow just three small words of advice and you can’t go wrong, ‘Keep ‘em Happy!’ and that’s exactly what we want to do!

By Chris Willey

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