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Planning a sale?

Town centre or On-line?

It may well be tempting to call in an ‘on-line’only agent offering a cut price deal but the age old adage ‘you get what you pay for’, should be borne in mind. It’s worth noting that ALL estate agents are ‘on-line’- the difference between on-line only and the likes of Wilsons is that selling houses is a people business and with a town centre showroom we get to meet, greet and deal with our sellers and buyers on a face to face basis.

Many on-line only agents use a call centre and rarely a day passes when we don’t listen to complaints from a seller or buyer who gets no reply from the call centre or, equally frustrating, speaks to a faceless operator who isn’t up to speed with the progress of the sale.

We inwardly groan when we find ourselves dealing with sellers using on-line agents - chances are they won’t know what’s going on and need US to tell them!

It’s also worth remembering in most cases the cut price fee for on-line only is payable up front. If your house doesn’t sell, tough – you’ve lost your loot. Not only that, how can they have the same incentive to put heart and soul into the job when the fee is already in the bank? We operate on a no sale – no fee basis. If for whatever reason your house doesn’t sell or you change your mind, end of - you won’t pay us a penny.

The footnote to this advice is that a good many on-line only agents have gone bust, and the charges of others are rising ever closer to the rates town centre agents must charge to provide a more comprehensive service. When it comes to Wilsons fees, we can’t match the cut price operators but we’ll compete with the best of the rest and, as a leading supermarket boasts, you can Taste the Difference!

By Chris Willey

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