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Name your Price!

Name your Price!

Buyers can pay substantially more for houses with a name rather than a number, and it costs little to personalise your address, In a recent survey, 85% of people said they prefer a house with a name rather than just a number.

Long before this modern technological age of Google maps, sat-nav, and geo-tracking, naming a house based upon its location to local landmarks would have helped find it. For example, “Northend”, “Park View” or Hillside House”. Alternatively, some property names gave an indication as to who lived there or what the property was, such as “The Mill House” “Blacksmith’s cottage” or “The Old Bakery”. Other names and grand house names such as ‘Hall’, ‘Manor’ and ‘Castle’ were chosen partly as status symbols.

A survey by found that up to £30,000 can be added to homes with regal names, such as Crown, Castle, Royal etc. Houses with more traditional and common names – such as “Orchard Cottage”, “The Cottage” and “The Old Post Office”, also appear to sell proportionately faster than those with quirkier names.

Properties with floral names portray a romantic, homely, cosy home. Those who originally named the property may have taken inspiration from the garden and surrounding land. Many of the top ten floral house names are based on flowers renowned for their strong scents – lavender, honeysuckle, rose, jasmine bluebell and lilac.

Not necessarily adding value, but certainly attracting interest, I’ve come across some rather humorous names over the years including, “Ersanmyne”, “Windy Bottom”, “Wynding Down” and “The Last Resort. When I enquired the origin of “JYAMAL”, I was advised by the seller in the process of separation, it was the abbreviation for Just You And Me And Love, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud when the vendor of LLAMEDOS suggested I spell it backwards to establish his disdain for the world at large!!

It’s a relatively straightforward process to name your existing property. The local council should have the relevant application forms on their website, or you can email Building Control.  A modest fee is payable with your submission. If your house already has a number, in many cases that number will remain part of your address.

You’ll obviously need to inform your bank, other organisations also of course family and friends who hold your address and to find out how we could help you sell your named home faster, why not give us a call on 01823 324324.

By Chris Willey

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