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New Christmas Party Game

Let’s Look for a Property!

Brrr - it’s cold, and most of us are looking forward to a cosy Christmas at home this year, especially with so many other options remaining unavailable due to continued travel restrictions.

But have you heard about the new Christmas party game that was played by over 51 million people last year? It’s called “Let’s Look for a Property”. The game involves cruising property portals (Rightmove, Zoopla, etc) for a potential new home between Boxing Day and early January. And it is surprising how many people who play this game are then inspired to turn it into reality.

But for us, as your passionate local estate agent, it’s no game, Every year we’re contacted by increasing numbers of people who decide to take the plunge after having “just browsed” the portals “for fun” during the festive break.

And we expect this year to smash all the records, with a combination of more people at home and more people seeking change. Interest rates are still incredibly low, employment is remarkably high, and confidence in bricks and mortar continues to exceed expectations.

One issue is that so much stock that might currently have remained on the market over the winter has now sold, due to this year’s buying frenzy, which is far from over. So this year, our firm advice is “don’t wait until spring” to sell. Indeed, Christmas is fast becoming the new spring?

It’s not too late for you to take advantage of this “Christmas Effect” and it comes with a bonus it puts you in a strong position as a buyer yourself early next year, so you’d gain at both ends.

We have no intention of winding down for Christmas. Quite the opposite in fact. So please do call us, right up to Christmas Eve and we’ll jump to it and provide you with a quick market assessment and ensure that your property features highly when the floodgates open, as they surely will with a frenetic start expected on Boxing Day!

However, if you have decided to stay put for the time being, may we wish you a very Happy Christmas and hope your home brings you security and contentment for many years to come.

With very best wishes from us all at Wilsons

By Chris Willey

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