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Disgruntled buyers vent their spleens

As housing stock hits a new low

Property purchasers and renters are becoming increasingly abusive because they are struggling to secure the properties they want, owed primarily to a lack of housing stock on the market, according to the head of a regional independent estate agent.

Maurice Kilbride, who runs his Cheadle-based business under his own name, posted a message on Twitter this week expressing his concern over aggressive applicants.

“We know that there isn’t enough housing stock available to satisfy demand,” he said. “It’s been like that for the last couple of years, but it’s particularly bad at the moment, mainly caused by the stamp duty holiday.

“There haven’t been enough homes built for a very long time and even ‘pre-loved’ houses are in short supply. It’s just a shame when buyers take it out on us because it’s not our fault.”.

The tweet, which has been picked up by the tv and press, added: “Why are some people so angry and confrontational?”

He bemoaned, “The abuse I had off somebody this morning when I told them a property had gone and unfortunately was no longer available for viewing was quite unpleasant and totally unnecessary. It makes me very sad.”

Although our available stock in Taunton is as low as it has ever been, we haven’t been receiving the sharp end of buyers tongues. By carefully explaining where the problems lie and promising to do all we can to help, we continue to work, by and large, with a sympathetic and understanding clientele – Thank you all!

By Chris Willey

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