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The devil is too much detail .....The devil is too much detail .....

Not too many years ago estate agents sale particulars included paragraph upon paragraph of information about a property, much of which was cliched bumph and often so boring it would very quickly find itself being filed under B for Bin!

The advent of the internet, together with the introduction of high quality photographs, floor plans, directional maps and Google Street View have all but eliminated the need to compose a mini thesis.

Back in the day I can clearly remember going from room to room whilst measuring up a property for sale with the vendor painstakingly pointing out each and every electrical power socket. “There’s one, over there, one in the corner, a double one there and another by the door”, was a typical scenario. I would try and explain there was simply no need to log them all because these and so much more detail could be noted during viewings but there was usually no having it!

Other ‘stuff’ which only the head in the sand estate agent might still write up today would be ‘Windows to two aspects, double leaf radiators, pendant lights and low level flush w.c.’s! Hunting, fishing and shooting activities nearby’ and ‘Excellent scholastic facilities’ are also very old hat.

With so much general information now available ‘on tap’ today, we find that the best way to attract buyers is to produce a selection of high quality photographs, a floor plan with measurements, key ‘bullet’ points, a directional note and - as important as anything, the price - sensibly set and in bold lettering.

Our aim is to get buyers over doorsteps, having provided an honest all round description then the property itself will do the rest.

By Chris Willey

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