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The Summer Holidays are over ….

What can we expect of the housing market this Autumn?

In the past there has always been a burst of activity between September and November but with the unprecedented upheaval on the political scene what can we expect this year?We quite simply do not know! What we do know however is that life has to go on and for many reasons folk have to sell property whilst others need to buy.

There’s no doubt as a result of the prevailing uncertainty that activity has reduced this year. The housing stock available on our books is around half of what it has been and the same applies to most estate agents across the land.

Suffice to say we at Wilsons are desperately keen to build our register for there’s no shortage of buyers on the hunt. Make no mistake though, these buyers are fussy and with prices predicted to fall in the event of a no or bad deal Brexit, they won’t pay over the top.

Sellers of good quality property, in good locations at sensible prices can be confident of selling – and quickly too. Even places of lower quality, if priced to allow for the condition and/or location will sell well in light of the shortage.

So if you, or anyone you know, is planning to sell soon and is conscious of the fact that prices may suffer in the event of a bad Brexit outcome – SELL NOW!

For a free appraisal and detailed discussion about your plans and how they may be affected by the economic uncertainty call us now on Taunton 01823 324324 and we’ll be very pleased to attend.

If you’re registered with us a buyer, we’re doing all we can to satisfy your needs. We ARE regularly listing new instructions, albeit not as many as we would like, so please continue to watch this space and very hopefully we’ll be able to find a place to suit your needs. 

By Chris Willey

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