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Vegetating in the front garden

Pulling carrots wins favour over pushing mowers!

Escaping from the housing market for a change this week, there’s a growing movement, especially in suburban areas, for people to grow vegetables in their front gardens. Not only does this go towards ensuring ‘5 a day’ for the residents, it’s also become somewhat of a trend to show the pastime and produce off to passers by.

In America, a newspaper reported last week, this has become almost a constitutional crisis, with moves for federal legislation to stop town authorities outlawing the planting of the likes of peppers and tomatoes in place of trim lawns. Thank heavens we British defend liberty for leeks and freedom for French beans – what could be brighter than the red flowers of runner beans, glossier than lettuce leaves or more sumptuous than a rich clump of strawberries? The harvest is a just a bonus!

Onto the subject of our ever-fluctuating climate, according to research commissioned by the British Science Association, the average Briton spends eight hours a week thinking about the weather. They say it is our most popular activity, followed by drinking tea and queuing.

But is it any surprise that in this country we feel the need to talk about the weather, given what a fine distraction it is from the political mess we find ourselves in? The weather is a blissfully reassuring constant for us Brits, whatever social or political upheaval we are going through. Happy days!

By Chris Willey

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