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Introducing Time2moveOn

Wilsons bespoke service for retirees

Moving house in later life can be a daunting prospect, especially when health problems arise or a partner is lost, leaving all the weight on one set of shoulders. A property can very quickly become too much to look after, with maintenance liabilities mounting and gardens, once the pride and joy, growing wild. Shops and public transport become unreachable and family members fret. The longer all this goes unchecked, the more difficult life becomes.

Now of state pension age himself, but still a very active director of Wilsons, Chris Willey has found himself involved in planning sales for retirees on an ever increasing scale. Over 35 years in estate agency, Chris has sold houses for quite literally thousands of Taunton residents, many of whom have now reached retirement age and are returning to him for help for what they expect to be their penultimate or last move. 

Having recognised an increasing need for ‘hands on’ help to downsize, Chris and his colleagues in Wilsons have this week introduced ‘Time2moveOn’, a bespoke personal moving service for retirees, undertaking to be the retirees ally, listening to each and every concern before offering a carefully assessed, step by step, plan for the best way ahead. 

Time2moveOn will include valuation advice on the existing home, a full personal estate agency service, assistance with the onward move, liaison with solicitors to assist a smooth passage, expert associates for independent financial solutions, also help with clearing and cleaning, so often a worrying burden during the moving process.

All of us at Wilsons have become very familiar with retirees needs and the best ways in which we can help, so a real team effort is provided. In promoting the many benefits Time2moveOn can offer, we invite anyone who may be approaching this stage of life, or their family members, who may be needing to make important property related decisions for a more secure and comfortable life, to get in touch, whereupon Chris will be delighted to arrange a meeting.

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By Chris Willey

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