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Together with a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful New Year

When all’s said and done 2018 hasn’t been a good year. The Brexit issue has clouded the economy and dampened the property market, thwarting the moving plans of many and making our work as challenging as we’ve ever known. Looking at the world at large it’s been dreadful, with no end of national disasters and warfare rife, causing untold terror and misery. We must therefore hope, and for those who choose to, pray, for a rapid turn of events and better fortune in 2019.

Our team at Wilsons, Julia, Dan, Simone, Steph and Julie, have worked tirelessly throughout the year to bring buyers and sellers together, doing all they possibly can to speed the process of sale and alleviate the associated stress. We would like to take this seasonal opportunity to thank all our clients, friends and associates who have supported our efforts and appreciated the difficulties we have faced and assure you all that we will be back at our desks on Wednesday the 2nd of January ready to face up to and conquer each and every challenge we are faced with in the year ahead.  

In the meantime, we heartily wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful New Year.

By Chris Willey

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