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Older properties mean lower E.P.C.’s

A few ways to improve them ….

For the benefit of those who may not be familiar, an EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate and virtually every residential property needs to have one when being offered for sale. It almost goes without saying that an old cottage will have a lower rating than a modern house which will have been constructed with far more energy efficient materials.

It can be tricky to get higher ratings for with an old cottage. However, there are still several things that can be done to address the situation and bring the rating up.

Firstly, look at the loft insulation. Is there any? If so, is it good quality and well installed? If not, this is one of the most effective areas to improve. Next, examine the boiler. If it’s old, a far more energy efficient model can be installed. Another major area for improvement are the windows. UPVC double glazing may be aesthetically inappropriate for an old building but there are many solutions available to replace inefficient, age old units with windows offering far more insulation and pleasing to look at too.

It could also be worth looking at incorporating a secondary heat source. An old cottage may well have an open fireplace. If so, using a wood-burning stove is likely to provide greater fuel efficiency. Then look at the lighting. Are there still any out of date halogen light bulbs? If so, change them immediately over to much more efficient LED bulbs.

Although not necessarily improving the EPC rating, draught proofing can also enhance warmth with inexpensive insulation strips easily attached around doors, window frames, loft hatches and letterboxes. 

Almost on a daily basis, Wilsons arrange the provision of Energy Performance Certificates for our clients with the assistance of a highly experienced and knowledgeable assessor. If you have any problems or queries about any aspect of EPC’s we’d be happy to put them to our provider who is always pleased to advise.

By Chris Willey

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