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To extend or not to extend?

THAT is the question! (Part Two)

Last week we suggested a number of reasons in favour of building an extension. This week we’ll advise on a few reasons against, with a view to saving time and money.

Two storey extensions are, more often than not, likely to prove unprofitable for typical modern two and three-bedroom semi-detached houses which, if investing the pricely sum of £50,000 or thereabouts for the work, lose out in competition with similarly priced detached types at the point of sale.

Beware of extending when to do so it will leave existing rooms with reduced daylight, buyers won’t like it when you come to sell. Don’t bother to extend when you already have plenty of living accommodation and there really is no particular function in mind. If your garden is small, think twice before stealing from it. When you sell, buyers who want your bigger house may well want a bigger garden, they often go hand in hand.

Flat roofs may cost less but need periodic replacing. They don’t enhance value and invariably disappoint buyers. The occasional house itself (a number were built in the 1930’s) comes with a flat roof whereupon the advice is always ‘put a hat on it!’

Finally, be sure an extension doesn’t detract from the visual appearance of a house – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Over the years our sales team have accumulated a lot of experience with the viability and value of adding extensions to residential property and are, as always, pleased to offer opinions when invited.

By Chris Willey

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