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Why use a surveyor?

Why use a surveyor?

Surely you’re spending enough already!

Last week we offered some helpful tips for buyers which concluded with some advice on making offers. Having had the fun of an offer accepted, more expenditure begins!

Buying a house is a hugely expensive venture and it can be tempting to look to cut corners. Many purchasers baulk at the costs and question the need for a survey on their home to be. A saving here though can have disastrous consequences in the future.

A solicitor will handle the legal side however they seldom have the benefit of seeing the property they are transferring. Countless defects can be found in old and new properties alike. Recent examples in the Taunton area have included dealing with a brand-new house that was built one metre too thin and finding a 3-year-old house with a roof frame that did not comply with current building regulations.

One of our selling clients recently asked us if she should fork out to have a survey on a refurbished house she had agreed to buy from a builder which appeared to be in tip top order. “Why fork out if he’d given it the works?” We unhesitatingly advised she should. A week later the surveyors report arrived. Shock, horror! There was wood boring insect infestation in the loft, broken tiles allowing rainwater to enter the roof space and most worrying of all, wall tie failure which could, if allowed to deteriorate, result in catastrophe! 

Although even more expensive, a full structural survey, especially on a very large or old property can be money well spent. A charming thatched cottage can look so inviting however, any of the commonplace defects such as death watch beetle, dry rot, old rubber wiring, remaining lead pipework, the presence of asbestos, roof frame failure etc, lurk behind a new coat of paint, the cost of remedial work will dwarf the cost of a full survey.

Make no mistake, a surveyor’s eyes are usually better than those behind a pair of rose tinted spectacles. Bear in mind the age old Latin words ‘Caveat emptor’ - BUYER BEWARE!

Wilsons have long standing associations with highly respected local building surveyors and are always pleased to discuss their merits and make recommendations.

By Chris Willey

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