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Selling soon? Don’t just ask about the fee!

Approximately one third of sales arranged in England and Wales fall through after the offer is accepted. It’s a scary thought, especially when so much is riding on the sale of a house.

Sale progression is therefore essential. This is the process of monitoring all those tricky milestones and communicating regularly with all parties to ensure that questions are responded to promptly, and any points of concern are handled sensitively.

When you’re checking out an estate agent to sell your house, don’t just ask about the fee - ask how sales progression is managed in their office. You need to know someone will be on your side, fighting your corner for when the going gets tough – and it often can! With a caring agent experienced in sales progression, effective communication and record keeping, you’ll put yourself in a far better position to get your sale to completion quickly and smoothly.

One of the biggest criticisms levelled at the recent influx of gimmicky ‘No commission’ salesmen is their inability to provide on-going communication to see the deal through. Make no mistake, you get what you pay for and you won’t get much for a few hundred pounds.

Wilsons pride ourselves on providing a caring and experienced service resulting in remarkably few sales falling through and many satisfied customers. Take a look at REVIEWS on – we hope our testimonials will impress.

By Chris Willey

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