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Introducing Wilsons

You're probably visiting our website because you're looking to buy a house, looking for an estate agent to sell your house or you're simply interested in property in the Taunton area...


Our showroom is prominently located in the very heart of Taunton, Somerset, below the landmark tower of St Mary’s Church, along a direct pedestrian route between Marks & Spencer and Church Square. We pride ourselves on being an independent family owned firm and place an emphasis on providing the highest possible standard of service to each and every client.

Our website has been designed to display our selection of property in a clean and concise style to buyers, to describe the services we offer to sellers to attract their business and to keep readers abreast of activity in the housing market with topical reports and points of interest.

By the way - Why "Wilsons"?

We've combined the 'Wil' & the 'Son' from our company name Chris Willey & Son to abbreviate to Wilsons

Meet the team - with a difference!

Chris Willey Managing Director of Wilsons Estate Agents Taunton

DirectorChris Willey CertREA

  • Leisure time: Walking the dogs, working out in the gym
  • Favourite cuisine:  Anything Italian or burger and chunky chips
  • Stiff drink or herbal tea: Real ale with a whisky chaser
  • I like to read: True Crimes and Politics (inextricably linked!)
  • My star sign: Cancer - A water babe if ever there was one!
  • Favourite flower: I wandered lonely as a cloud - Daffodils
  • TV programmes: Documentaries, especially natural history
  • My greatest fear:  I'm absolutely terrified of heights
  • Two people I'd like to meet: Paul McCartney & Harry Redknapp
  • If I won the lottery: I'd buy lots of dogs and houses for the kids


Sales Representative
Ben McCaskey

  • Leisure time: Fishing and walking the dogs
  • Favourite cuisine:  French
  • Stiff drink or herbal tea: Cider
  • I like to read: Anything WW11 related
  • My star sign: Leo
  • Favourite flower: Not too keen on flowers
  • TV programmes: Band of Brothers or How I Met your Mother
  • My greatest fear:  Spiders
  • Two people I'd like to meet: Elon Musk and Brad Pitt
  • If I won the lottery: I would buy a big house and a nice car

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