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Selling your property - Frequently asked questions

Do Wilsons charge to visit my property to provide a sales appraisal?

This service is entirely free. We will also, if required, offer advice relating to your particular plan together with ideas to best present your property and garden. 

What types of property do Wilsons sell?

Good quality, well presented, town and country properties of any description in Taunton and the surrounding villages and countryside.

How long will it take to sell my property?

If the price is realistically set a buyer should be found within the first two months. It can take only a few days if a property is a type in demand. When a sale has been agreed, the average time to completion is six to eight weeks. In short, if a property is properly priced and all goes smoothly, the process can be contained within a six to twelve week time span from start to finish.

When is the best time to sell?

March to July. Sellers have months ahead of longer, warmer days – which obviously set the right scene. However, people’s plans often have no regard for seasons – we list and sell property in the Taunton area all year round.

How much will you charge to sell my property?

Our fees are competitive in each and every case. We could not provide a high quality service if we were the cheapest but we are nowhere near the most expensive. Before you ask us to proceed, we’ll offer you a quotation based on the type and price of the property you wish to sell and the extent of the service we’ll provide

How do Wilsons set the price of a property?

By making comparisons with the prices recently achieved for similar property types and by accounting for supply and demand. Location, condition and extra features all play a part, as do the timescale and needs and wishes of the seller.

How can I best prepare my property for sale?

As the people at Tesco say, ‘Every little helps!’ Top of the list is to clean and de-clutter. Look at each room in turn and make the best you can of it. Leave lamps on, keep pets at bay, arrange some flowers and yes, the aroma of coffee in the pot helps! First impressions are vital – Does your front door need a coat of paint? Do the windows need a clean? Does the lawn need mowing and the edges trimmed? If in doubt, ask an honest friend or neighbour to inspect and comment. 

Must I have a Wilsons 'For Sale' board?

No. But they don’t half help! They’re ‘on site’ advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we know many of our sales are encouraged by their presence.

Who will conduct the viewings?

It’s up to you. If you’d like us to do them, we’ll do them. Some sellers insist on doing them, others ask us to do them or to show buyers round when they’re not available. It shouldn’t make too much difference who does the viewings. In most cases, if the house fits the bill the buyer will buy it. But please, don’t do your own negotiating! That’s what you’re paying us for. We’ll have more information and, the chances are, we’ll do better.

How long do Wilsons take to market my property once I invite you to proceed?

On average two days. Yes TWO days (some agents take up to two weeks). Once instructed to proceed we don’t hang about. The only delay can be caused by the absence of blue sky for the photos. Without blue sky we won’t go to print. If you’re not in a rush, we’ll go at your speed. If you are – we’ll go at top speed! 

Where will Wilsons advertise my property?

Wilsons' office is probably the most centrally positioned estate agents office in Taunton, located as it is in Magdalene Lane, a busy pedestrian thoroughfare running between Marks & Spencer and St Mary’s Church in Hammet Street. The footfall here is very heavy and passersby cannot fail to see the fascinating and ever changing variety of property in our window displays. 

Wilsons have a strong Internet presence with our own website and also the market leaders On The Market, Primlocation and Zoopla. We also advertise in ‘Homelife’, the excellent property supplement in the Somerset County Gazette.

What about my Brochure?

These are our pride and joy. Our attention to detail and quality is very precise. In most cases we provide a 4 page laminated brochure with a carefully worded description, floorplan and a collage of half a dozen carefully selected colour photos. When we present you with your brochure, we hope you’ll say ‘WOW!’ Because if you do – chances are potential buyers will too!

Will Wilsons prepare a floorplan for my property?

YES. We wouldn’t be without one – Buyers love them! We also include the gross interior floor space on our brochures.

Will Wilsons ask me to sign an agency contract for a lengthy period?

No. Many agents will expect you to sign an agreement ‘tying’ you in with them for periods of 12, 16 and 20 weeks or more. We want you to stay with us because you’re happy with our service, not because you’re locked into a long contract.  

Why should we ask Wilsons to sell our property rather than any other estate agent?

Because we believe Wilsons CARE more than any other agent and will go further than any other agent to serve your needs and achieve your objectives. We also believe our office to be the best placed in town and this, combined with our attention to top class presentation and advertising, will maximise your prospects of a sale.  Sell with Wilsons and nothing will be too much trouble - Try us and see!

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