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What makes a happy home?

Its more than just the way it looks

You may have seen it on a print or even maybe on a tea towel – ‘My home is my happy place’. Well, as findings from the recent The Good Home Report by B&Q reveal, our homes do have a huge impact on our sense of joy and contentment. The report found our homes account for 15 per cent of our overall happiness, which is much more than what we earn or the jobs we do, with 73 per cent of those asked – more than 13,000 – who are happy at home are also happy at life.

But just what does make a happy home? A happy home lets people do more of what makes them happy. It gives the introvert a quiet, restful retreat from the world; the extrovert a place for parties, the child a happy place to grow and the writer a room from which to write. It doesn’t have to be a perfect home but a place people feel proud of, somewhere that helps them achieve their goals and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Pride, according to The Good Home Report, accounts for 44 per cent of our happiness with our home, but it’s also one of the emotions fewest of us feel. Pride is the core emotion that best explains happiness in general and happiness in the home, claims the report, and having a home we feel proud of is the single most important thing when it comes to feeling happy there, but for many people that feels out of reach. So how can we feel prouder of our homes?

The report found a clear link between how much pride we have in our homes and the time spent on home improvement. Even if you have no real interest in DIY or interiors, improving your home makes you prouder and happier.

These improvements however, shouldn’t be taken at face value. The key to happiness at home is to stop thinking about how your house looks and instead start thinking about how it makes you feel. Ask if it feels light or dark, clean or messy, calm or chaotic and if you base all of your design decisions from this starting point of making your home feel good, then you’ll transform the space. In these darker months we spend around 90 per cent of our time indoors, so our inside spaces are vital to our overall health and happiness.

When carrying out our pre-sale appraisals, we at Wilsons quickly detect homes are happy even when the owners aren’t there. The contents, colours and presentation say it all. When it comes to the sale, buyers will also detect a happy atmosphere and although you can’t put a price on it – it sure does help!

By Chris Willey

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