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What’s HOT?

What’s HOT

Supply of modern semi’s outstrips demand

Flick through the pages of the County Gazette or take a search on Rightmove and you won’t be spoilt for choice with 3 bed semi’s in Taunton’s mature modern suburbs such as Blackbrook, Galmington, Staplegrove and Nerrols Farm. The sale prices of many property types have been treading water for a while now but not your modern 3 bed semi. £180,000 - £190,000 was the typical sale price for one of these until a year or so ago but now the going rate has soared above the £200,000 mark - a smart one will command a whole lot more.

Hot on the heels of these come modern 2 bedroom homes, also the classic Victorian terraced houses peppered around the town centre. £140,000 or thereabouts would have bought a nice one in 2015 but now you’ll have to cough up £160,000 plus to buy anything half decent.

The reason for this price hike? It’s all down to low supply and high demand. Not everyone wants to live 2 or 3 miles out of town and whilst new homes are popping out of the ground like mushrooms on the outskirts, they can’t build any more in and around the heart of the town which is where many people want and need to live.

Needless to say - and you were waiting for this – we need more of these popular property types for many eager springtime buyers. If for any reason you’ll have one for sale anytime soon ‘Call us First’ - You could be in for a very pleasant surprise!

By Chris Willey

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