Time to look snappy!

The very first impression the eventual purchaser will have of a property for sale will be the marketing photographs used to promote it. These need to be top-notch to attract optimum interest and the best price. For the interest of readers, particularly those planning to sell in 2018, here are some of the tried and trusted presentation tips we provide to our clients before we get to work with the camera.

If you have a favourite view of your property – inside or out – tell the photographer before he arrives. The principle view of a good many properties may well be of the rear, maybe even the kitchen or lounge and this should be the shot to use to catch the eye of the browser.

Perhaps you have certain pieces of furniture, household effects, maybe rugs, etc, about which you are uncertain; if you do, move or disguise them before the camera arrives.

Ensure all light bulbs are working, especially down-lighters in places like the kitchen. Branded plastic bottles, such as washing-up liquid, shampoo bottles and toilet rolls, toothbrushes/toothpaste are best out of sight. Hide washing up bowls, dish racks and waste bins – let’s face it, although necessary in everyday life, these items aren’t pretty!

If you’ve a pooch, have someone take him/her for walkies and store away the beds, baskets and feed bowls. Without us being kill joys, we also suggest magnets, postcards and children’s works of art are all rehoused for the duration.

Tidy away papers, but in moderation, quality magazines and coffee table books can add appeal. Bookshelves look their best when they are stocked neatly with books, rather than letters and mail shots. Remove celebration cards from mantle pieces and shelves.

Consider using props with splashes of colour. For example, fruit bowls (take off the labels!), garden vegetables, maybe even a cottage loaf work well. Fresh flowers and plants are an age-old favourite which can also be moved from room to room for various shots.

Take a tour upstairs to ensure the bathroom shines and smells fresh and that the bedrooms aren’t festooned with stray clothes and the dressing tables are neatly arranged. A certain amount of de-cluttering is usually essential but not to the extent that the property looks sterile. A key objective is to promote a tidy but comfortable and homely lifestyle.

To help our selling clients get off to the best possible start, for the first 3 months of 2018 we’re arranging professional photography for all suitable new instructions, covering the cost within our fee. If they do their bit, we’ll do ours and the results will speak for themselves!

By Chris Willey

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